Holiday Car Hire

Picture this, you’re on holiday, the sun is baking, while you are waiting on a bus that works on its own timetable. When the bus arrives, standing room only means you feel like cattle in a pen. You can avoid all this if you decide to travel like the locals do and hire a car.
Most people who go on holiday in Mallorca or on the Spanish coast normally scoff at the idea of hiring a car when there. You’ll often hear excuses like ‘but you’re on holiday’, ‘the cost of petrol, eh’ and ‘its hard driving on the other side’ when you tell someone you just hired a car. But having one really is extremely convenient. And why should you get one when you plan on taking it easy for a week or two? Well here are just a few very good reasons why.
-No Stress
You’re on your holiday. You’re meant to be feeling absolutely no stress. So why are you standing outside arrivals at the airport, lugging your suitcase up a ramp and stairs to a bus stop seemingly half a mile away in heat that feels like 100 degrees. Don’t bother with any of that nonsense of being a bus to go 15 miles away that takes 3 hours because it has to stop off at EVERY SINGLE HOTEL! Just pick up your own car from the booth at the airport and be right by with pool with a fancy cocktail in no time at all.
-No Traffic
There’s a reason the only time you’ll see traffic is on the main road by the beach front. It’s the way taxi drivers usually take tourists in order to bump up the fare a few extra euro. Roads around the coastal towns and on the Balearic Islands are notoriously quiet, day and night. Go for a drive and you’ll all of a sudden feel like you’re in a car advert yourself.
-Get There Quicker
Bus timetables in tourist areas of Spain are notoriously flaky. They only run periodically, never seem to be on time and are usually being driven by a grumpy driver not in the mood for any questions a tourist might ask. Having a car means getting to all those attractions you have a dozen leaflets for doesn’t involve waiting on a bus that will take two hours to get to the nearest water slide. You, and your friends/family, can go anywhere at any time and not have to fuss about getting ready at X time.
-Its Really Cheap
You’d be surprised just how little a day’s car hire can be, especially if you’re going to be renting on the mainland. We looked at some sites and seen that Malaga car hire could cost a person £12 a day. Split that between 2 to 4 and you’re looking at a ridiculously cheap way of travelling around Spain.
There is oh so much more to the Costa Del Sol and the Balleric Islands than ‘dos cervezas por favor’ and the chance to awkwardly squint through the sun’s rays in order to watch Eastenders outside a bar. Head five minutes down the coast or in land from any major tourist spot and you’ll be met with unique scenery, a relaxing atmosphere and a chance to see how the locals actually live.
These are just a few reasons why having a car when on holiday in Spain is always a good idea. And if they haven’t peaked up your interest yet, don’t forget they’re also the quickest place to get air con on in a hurry!

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